Reflective Essay is the Representation of your Emotional Experience

If you’ve got a task to write a reflective essay then you’re lucky. The peculiarities of the essay writing lie in the following: in this kind of research paper you can boldly demonstrate your points of view. In an essay you should mostly demonstrate not the theory that you’ve learned but your own experience and findings.

Choose the theme due to which you can easily demonstrate your insight about the topic. Students usually write reflective essay after completing some project or research. And they get an opportunity to share their experience and observations on this research paper topic . Although this writing should reflect only your thoughts you may read some journals or books and cite the material. It will make your work more mature and qualitative. The reader will understand that your conclusions aren’t unfounded; but, on the contrary, they are well-grounded and sound as your conclusions result from both facts and your own experience. This kind of writing is mostly common among college students. Reflective essay may include different themes and topics: for example My travelling to Paris. But some students don’t understand what reflective essay means. They think that it is the same as narrative or informative essay. So, they write narration of what they were doing in Paris, where they went, what they did and saw. And that is completely wrong as in reflective essay you should reveal you feelings, observations, attitude to this or that: in one word you should share your experience.

As any other essay it consists of the introduction, the main body and conclusion. If you cite some authors then bibliography is also an obligatory part of an essay. A good draft helps to make your work logical. In the introduction write why you have chosen the following them and why it is important to you.

Then you should write the main body. It may include several items. The main part of your essay should reveal your thoughts and experience and uncover the theme of your research. Write step by step how you have come to such conclusions. If you give citations make sure you follow citation rules. You should also remember that the main aim of reflective essay is demonstration of your own observations that’s why don’t use many quotes while writing an essay. Although reflective essay is a creative work you shouldn’t use slang or too personal thoughts here. If you write statements prove it with facts and strong arguments. In the conclusion give summary of your essay.

If your essay is ready then proofread it. If there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes and all sentences are well-composed then you may print it.

Some students don’t have writing skills or are pressed for time to write reflective essay so they buy /essay or term paper.

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