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Before you write an application for your Bachelor’s thesis in the company, you should see the conditions with your university clarify : Is it even possible to write your thesis externally? Are there existing partnerships with companies? Get information at an early stage and plan custom paper writing services at least six months lead time. Especially when cover letter for the bachelor thesis must motivation and skills convince your. To find the right company for your thesis, you can Job portals and search engines scour the Internet . For unsolicited applications while additional documents must be submitted. With us you will learn step by step how you anpackst your application for a bachelor’s thesis in the company right – including practical checklist


Application for thesis: Framework stake

Do you want to write your thesis in a company, you should first of all clarify the conditions that apply to your university or the chair – even before you submit your application for a dissertation. Particularly important to create a schedule of undergraduate work at an early stage is .

Checklist: The main points of your thesis application:

Your checklist

deadlines note


you inquire first for all deadlines of your university: Up to what point the thesis topic must be submitted? In what time frame your thesis must be written?

Your checklist

possibilities clarify


Clarify whether it is in principle possible to write your dissertation outside the university. You inquire how the process and the requirements would look like and how your university is about blocking notice.

Your checklist

Cooperation use


Get information about existing cooperation with your university companies. Such cooperation not only increases your application opportunities, but you also get the same as the right person for your thesis application called.

Your checklist

Start early



Start with finding a suitable company as early as possible. Especially attractive employer, a large number of applications. The earlier you submit your application for a thesis, the better the maps have you.
So you should at least 6 months lead time plan

Your checklist

Internship prefix


Check whether you can connect a previous internship in companies with your dissertation. The advantage: You have more time to familiarize yourself before starting the processing time and meet all corporate structures. And also the company benefits from a longer cooperation, which in turn improves your application opportunities.

Your checklist

if necessary. Testimonials get


Also helpful if not to resolve your application for the bachelor thesis a letter of recommendation from your supervisor is mandatory. So you can connect with professional qualifications again underline.

Companies found for the thesis

To the right company for your thesis to find, you can Job portals and search engines on the Internet to crawl. Especially larger companies write here regularly vacancies for undergraduate work and publish them on relevant portals. However, such calls are usually associated with more or few permanent themes or specific topics for the thesis. On the job market of you can see from the large corporations to start-up daily over 250 vacancies for your Bachelor’s thesis in the company . Select In Employment simply uncheck “internship” Remove and instead “Bachelor / Master / Diploma work”

: For this you have to do is adjust the settings.

In addition, you can also on the bulletin board of your university for possible open calls were looking for, the other of course graduates and professors ask for referrals. The visit of job fairs or days of the “open door” is a great way to socialize.

If you do not find any company with an interesting theme for you proposal data, you can initiative with its own thesis theme present course . But before you give you trouble with a detailed application for your thesis, you should always first calling of the related company ask if it is open at all for undergraduate work and unsolicited applications. Often you get also called like the right person for your thesis application in such a phone call. In addition, you should always research well, what projects are currently running in the respective company and keep the interests of the company in view . In concrete terms: What does the company from supporting you in your thesis? Which topic You can bring the company practical use and value?

job application cover letter for the bachelor thesis

should include

What documents your Applying for a Bachelor’s thesis in the company , is always depends on where you apply. You answer to a specific invitation to tender with a fixed predetermined subject, usually range resume and cover letter . You have, however, are applying initiative, you should also motivation letter , short abstract and if possible also enclose a first outline of your thesis your desired topic.

First of all, if you apply the initiative, you should familiarize yourself with the appropriate Company Profile always before you formulate the letter. So you can better assess, on what subject the company could have real interest and argue why exactly your selected topics proposed for the company is valuable.

letter for your thesis – whether based initiative, or on a specific topic – should primarily answer three main questions:

  1. is this topic so exciting for you Arrange the subject always in a contemporary context one: What are the latest developments for you. As shown that the issue is currently relevant? Why should be researched in this field? exactly you can personally contribute to the topic? Describe, if you have a possibly busy you ever academically or practically with similar content. What experience you have gathered here, which you can now bring to your research? Have visited courses on the subject or have completed a relevant internship? specific emphasis you want with your thesis work? Deliver first exciting approaches to treatment of the subject and give an insight into the expected results. So you show that you are structured and can work proactively. So you have the opportunity to build a real unique selling point.
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unsolicited application for undergraduate work

If you unsolicited submit an application for your thesis at a company, you should also in a motivation letter explain how you came to the subject of your work and why you it want to write just with the selected company. You should also Exposé attach to what you, the content and intention of your topic briefly summarizes and especially verdeutlichst the practical benefits of your work for the company. Limit yourself to a maximum of this page and on the core aspects of your theme proposal. Finally, you show a attached outline that you structured the topic already well thought out and accordingly and have prepared.

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